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A Focus on Diversity: Changing the Face of American Birding

How will this event make a difference?!
The movement to get new and diverse
audiences interested in both birding and
nature-based recreation in general will yield
many benefits for the following parties:

Minority communities: Recruiting "new
birders" from broader swath of our population
will deliver the
profound developmental benefits
of birding and nature to those new recruits. This
- stress relief
- increased physical activity
- positive social interaction
The cognitive processes involved with birding
can be of particular help to youth and seniors.
Besides, birding is great fun that everyone
should experience!!!
the American birding community: With a larger segment of our population birding,
the birding community will become more dynamic - more eyes in the field mean more
birds being found! This broader birding audience would also lead to more involvement
in birding clubs and organization memberships.

THE BIRDS themselves! - As more people become aware of their local/regional
birds, they will develop a deeper appreciation for those species and the habitats on
which they depend for nesting, foraging, and migration. This appreciation is the critical
foundation for a basic conservation ethic and, ultimately, a person's sense of

the natural world: Birds are THE gateway drug for an addiction to nature. Once
under the power of birds, many people branch off into other natural fixes -
butterflies/odonates, "herps", botany, etc.  The appreciation to conservation to
stewardship hierarchy unfolds again - this time to the benefit of nature in the broader

Society as a whole: As more people become concerned with environmental issues,
their combined voices can lead to increased habitat preservation and environmental
conservation. In time, this will deliver health dividends to all citizens.
Bringing the joy AND BENEFITS of birding to others - to promote both healthy living and bird conservation.
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