Bring the joy of birding to children of all ages!
Fledging Birder Tip #58:

Dress for the birds.

Wearing a tie featuring loons,
a polo shirt with a birding
organization logo, or baseball
hats from a favorite birding
destination can spark up a
conversation about birds with
coworkers, students, family
members, or even total

This seemingly small gesture
can spark the interest of a new
birder. If you do it frequently,
it almost like subliminal
advertising for birding!
Fledging Birders' Recent Sightings
Ruff found in Raccoon Creek, Gloucester
County, NJ on April 14, 2007. These
photos were digiscoped on April 19th. A
very similar individual was found in the
same location in April 2003.
A young birder observing her life Ruff.
male Ruff molting into breeding plumage digiscoped by Dave Magpiong, April 19, 2007
Bring the joy of birding to children of all ages!
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with a
Fledging Birders'
 Baseball Cap!
The Harris Sparrow discovered by Andy Ednie on October 11at Brandywine
Creek State Park in Wilmington, DE has continued through Oct. 19th.

The first evidence of the bird's presence was a harsh chip note that didn't not
fit for the neighboring sparrows such as White-throated, White-crowned, Song,
Swamp, and Field.

Several birders from New Jersey, Maryland, and New York were fortunate to
get satisfying looks at the handsome sparrow.

This Harris Sparrow audience included an impressively skilled teen birder. Not
only did she catch first glimpse of the bird but she eloquently described its
location for the rest of us!
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